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What does it mean to be an InteropNet Team Member (ITM)?


ITM's are responsible for numerous tasks during install and teardown of the network. This can range from running and terminating cable, testing connectivity through to exhibitor support. ITMs are the backbone of the installation and operations team.


Volunteers have the opportunity to work with interesting people from the Interop vendor community and InteropNet veterans.


Interop will provide hotel rooms in Las Vegas for all ITMs. However ITMs are responsible for their own airfare to and from the event.


How do we select members of the InteropNet Team?


We are looking for ITMs that like to work hard, learn and believe in the InteropNet as a way to drive our industry forward. Preferably, ITM’s are not, employed by a technology vendor such as Cisco, Juniper, etc.


Referrals are beneficial. Do you know anyone who has worked on the InteropNet team? If yes, please ask them to write you a short email recommendation.